About Us

Because of the companionship of pets, a group of people suffering from cancer and depression, gathered together and walked through the most difficult time of their lives. Pets are the messengers of God, spreading love and hope to the earth. We are also looking forward to passing this warmth and sweetness to more and more members. For every dollar you have spent with us, there is a “hope” that will be donated to the local cancer & depression foundations and SPCA of Ontario.

Animals are reincarnation of wise men. The wisdom accumulated over tens of thousands of years is filled in a body smaller than humans. The dog does not need words, he speaks with the whole body. If you have a dog, be sure to treat him well. He is the only animal in the world that can see God.

PETS Elite offers various of services including Pets Grooming, Pets Salon, Pets SPA, Events & Training, Membership, Franchise, etc. Feel free to book appointment online or by phone or simply walk in! 

We are preparing our PETS-BOUTIQUE CLUBHOUSE. With our PETS Values and supporting from our energetic members, we believe we will build a beautiful homeland. TO BE EXPECTED!

Our Team

Experienced Stylist who working in Pet grooming for more than 10 years! All pets lovers!


Chief Stylist

Professional and comprehensive


Master Stylist

Passionate and detailed


Master Stylist

Imaginative and Creative



Beautiful and patient


Master Stylist

Effective and lovely



Handsome and handsome




Eglinton store: Unit 8, 121 Lebovic Ave., Scarborough, ON, M1L 4T7

Markham store: Unit 26, 290 Yorktech Dr., Markham, ON, L6G 0A7

Scarborough store: Unit 123, 3700 Midland Ave. Scarborough, ON, M1V 0B3

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